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Peaceful Javelina Goes Home.

Adult javelinas are generally known for being surly and aggressive, sometimes more so if injured and in pain. Because they have poor long-distance eyesight, one cannot be too cautious, and captures should only be made by those trained to do so, like one of our Tucson Wildlife Center capture specialists. Every now and then we…

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Kestrel falcon survives dog attack

This striking kestrel falcon is enjoying life back in the wild after surviving a dog attack that left him unable to fly. We are so thankful that the owner of the dog rescued the kestrel and took the time to contact us for help. He wouldn’t have survived otherwise. When the kestrel first arrived at…

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Orphaned ducks gain a new mom

These adorable ducklings were found on the road with no mom anywhere, but they were not alone for long. Soon after their arrival at Tucson Wildlife Center we got a call about a female mallard that was found in a parking garage with multiple injuries. She was rushed to our wildlife veterinarians who found open…

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Orphaned bobcat siblings grow up at Tucson Wildlife Center

  At the end of March, Tucson Wildlife Center welcomed a pair of newborn orphaned bobcat kittens into rehabilitation. At first they had to be fed throughout the day before graduating to solid food. These spotted cuties are very close to being introduced to their new mother, one of our foster bobcats living in sanctuary….

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Pelicans in the desert? You betcha!

The monsoons will be here soon! What that means for Tucson Wildlife Center is that it’s time to prepare for pelicans. You heard that right! Believe it or not, we rescue pelicans. During the summer, seabirds can get lost after being blown off their migration course and wind up in the desert. This was the…

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New fur leads to newfound freedom

This little Harris’s antelope squirrel is enjoying life back in the wild after a few weeks in rehabilitation at Tucson Wildlife Center. He was being treated for ringworm, a fungal infection on the skin that causes sores and hair loss. He touched many hearts during his rehabilitation, with his beautiful trill he would sing to…

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Survivor barn owl update

My-oh-my what a handsome barn owl our little survivor is becoming! He has come such a long way since he was found as hatchling on the back of a hay truck. While he is still a fluff ball, you can see where his flight feathers are starting to come in on his wings. He is…

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The little survivor

                            This barn owl is a little survivor. He was found on a hay truck that came from a faraway location and Tucson Wildlife Center could not get him back to his mother. He was found with eight eggs and one other…

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Found & Renested

                              This darling nestling great horned owl was found on the ground after tumbling out of his nest. Thankfully someone spotted him and brought him to our wildlife hospital for a check-up. After an examine by our wildlife vet, the healthy…

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Wildcat kittens are cute, but they are not pets!

This orphaned bobcat kitten is currently growing up with her sibling at Tucson Wildlife Center. We go to great lengths to ensure baby bobcats in our care do not habituate to humans. We keep these bobcats wild by not talking around them, raising them with other bobcats and wearing camouflage during feeding. Wildlife are only…

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Our first baby bobcats of the season have arrived!

Our first baby bobcats of the season have arrived! We recently rescued two 5-day-old kittens after they were orphaned. They are in good hands at Tucson Wildlife Center and are fed throughout the day, every two to three hours. As the kittens get older, the time between feedings will increase. Eventually they will be switched…

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For help and emergencies, please call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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