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Kestrel falcon rescue

A colorful kestrel falcon was found underneath a window, his wing hanging and injured. X-rays revealed fractures in two of the bones that make up the shoulder joint necessary for flight. He was given medication and time to rest so the bones could heal. Shortly after admission, he was already holding the wing in a normal position. After only a few more weeks of strengthening, he was able to fly normally and was returned to his home in the wild. He here is pictured in his transport box, moments before release.

Some birds crash into windows after mistaking their reflections for another bird. Some, like Cooper’s hawks, will chase birds into windows to injure their prey. Others simply don’t see the glass.

Make your windows safer with these tips:

  • Place feeders closer to the window (less than 3 feet) or farther away from the window (more than 10 feet)
  • Use a window screen
  • Place decals on the window, including cut-outs of raptors and glass decorations
  • Place vertical exterior tape on windows 4 inches apart
  • Leave vertical blind slats open halfway
  • Plant trees and bushes outside of windows, or grow tall plants along the windowsill
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