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Our first great horned owl renesting!

Early spring heralds the arrival of avian babies, and owls are some of the first to hatch. This little owlet fell 30 feet from her nest at the top of a pine tree! Luckily, she was spotted by a young girl and brought to Tucson Wildlife Center for help.

A check-up by our wildlife veterinarian indicated the little hatchling was dehydrated but otherwise healthy. She was given fluids and spent the night in the incubator for warmth and rest.

The following day our dedicated volunteers brought the owlet back to the tree where she was found. A makeshift nest was prepared using a crate and grass, and the little owl was placed high up in the tree near the original nest. The parents were seen watching the volunteers closely. The parents will tend to both nests until its time for the owls to fledge. At that point they will bail from their nest and spend a few weeks on the ground while they learn to fly.

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