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Wildcat kittens are cute, but they are not pets!

This orphaned bobcat kitten is currently growing up with her sibling at Tucson Wildlife Center.

We go to great lengths to ensure baby bobcats in our care do not habituate to humans. We keep these bobcats wild by not talking around them, raising them with other bobcats and wearing camouflage during feeding. Wildlife are only handled when necessary, and only by those trained to do so and with pre-exposure rabies vaccines. Once the bobcat kittens are weaned off of formula, they are introduced to one of our two foster bobcats who raise them until they are old enough to be on their own. Our foster bobcats and their adopted kittens are not visible to the public, even during education programs.

** Wildcat kittens are cute, but they are not pets. Tucson Wildlife Center is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility and hospital that rescues, provides emergency medical treatment, and rehabilitates sick, injured and orphaned wildlife before their return to the wild. Wild animals do not make good pets and are illegal to raise or keep without a permit. All wildlife in our care are treated with respect and with minimal contact or exposure to humans to maintain their wild nature.

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