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TWC on camera

Our videos highlight some of the exciting things that happen at the center – from the rescue of animals to the impact on the community, staff, and volunteers, to the rehabilitation and release of the animals we save. Check back for more videos to come!

 We are Tucson Wildlife Center

Join us for a look inside what Tucson Wildlife Center has to offer and the variety of animals its treats from rescue to the rehabilitation and the release. We couldn’t do it without your help.

Unexpected Grace

In this moving music video, Amber Norgaard wrote and performed a song that speaks volumes to what our center aims to acheive: for our animals, after all they endure, to spread their wings and fly free.

Javelina Oil Pit Rescue

Some animals find themselves in the worst situations. Here, a javelina fell into an oil pit in a garage and Lisa Bates, founder of TWC, heads to the rescue to help the animal out of this unfortunate predicament.

Goshawk Release

Releases almost never go as planned! Sometimes we encounter one roadblock after another in pursuit of a successful release. This was the case during the release of a rare northern goshawk. Never a boring day at TWC!

Tanner Bell PSA

Tanner Bell, a former University of Arizona Wildcats football player filmed a 45-second Public Service Announcement for Tucson Wildlife Center! Tanner stars opposite Wilbur, one of our non-releasable resident bobcats. Written-directed by Marcus De Leon. Camera by Brody Anderson (UA Film Program class of ’12). Original score by Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals, written for Tucson Wildlife Center.

Tucson Wildlife Center: A Behind the Scenes Tour

Go behind the scenes at TWC with Chrissy Tolley, a U of A alum and Tucson native, as she discovers all the hard work and resources it takes to save southern Arizona’s wildlife.

A Look Inside Tucson Wildlife Center

Found an injured animal? Here’s an in-depth look at how the volunteers and staff at the Tucson Wildlife Center get that animal back to full strength and release it into the wild.

Absolutely Arizona: Tucson Wildlife Center Proves to be a Lifesaver

Lisa Bates’s mission is to take care of Southern Arizona wildlife. That is why she has created the regions premiere wildlife rescue facility.

It Started with a Passion for Rescuing Wildlife

When Lisa Bates was thinking about what to do with her life, someone told her to reflect on her passion. She did, and in 1998, she founded the Tucson Wildlife Center. Today, the Center receives more than 4,000 birds and other animals each year. It depends on donations (no government funding) and has more than 150 trained volunteers.

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