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Survivor barn owl update

My-oh-my what a handsome barn owl our little survivor is becoming! He has come such a long way since he was found as hatchling on the back of a hay truck. While he is still a fluff ball, you can see where his flight feathers are starting to come in on his wings.

He is getting stronger every day and no longer needs to be hand-fed. For him to be eating on his own is a huge part in his development! It not only makes him one step closer to meeting his foster parents, but also means he will have less interaction with humans. This will help maintain his wild nature.

His story: This barn owl is a little survivor. He was found on a hay truck that came from a faraway location and Tucson Wildlife Center could not get him back to his mother. He was found with eight eggs and one other hatchling. Unfortunately, his sibling died before arriving at our wildlife hospital and none of the eggs were viable. He came in weak and dehydrated, but has improved greatly with fluids, the warmth of an incubator and many feedings. When he is older, he will be fostered by our male and female foster barn owls living in sanctuary. ❤️

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