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Peaceful Javelina Goes Home.

Adult javelinas are generally known for being surly and aggressive, sometimes more so if injured and in pain. Because they have poor long-distance eyesight, one cannot be too cautious, and captures should only be made by those trained to do so, like one of our Tucson Wildlife Center capture specialists.

Every now and then we come across an individual that seems to understand their caregivers at TWC just want to help. Alerted by a citizen that spotted her limping and aptly named her Fridita, (meaning peaceful) and called TWC. She was sedated and brought to TWC for examination and treatment. A medical exam and x-ray confirmed that a metal band wrapped around her left hind foot at the point where the hairline meets the hoof, known as the coronary band, was the cause of her disability and was removed. She was treated for swelling and sores that had accumulated and was placed on anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

Her appetite was not diminished, she ate like a pig (pun intended) and Fridita had a duel indoor/outdoor area to roam in until she healed.

In an unbelievable 11 days, our peaceful girl healed and was released to rejoin her mate, Fred. A most Happy New Beginning in 2021.

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