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Orphaned ducks gain a new mom

These adorable ducklings were found on the road with no mom anywhere, but they were not alone for long. Soon after their arrival at Tucson Wildlife Center we got a call about a female mallard that was found in a parking garage with multiple injuries. She was rushed to our wildlife veterinarians who found open wounds on her face and belly, as well as a broken right clavicle. Ouch!

She needed surgery to repair her delicate face and her right wing had to be bandaged to her body to heal. But thankfully with rest, good nutrition, and expert veterinary care, she quickly regained her health.

Knowing the ducklings longed for a mother, they were introduced to the female mallard hoping she would adopt them as her own young. We were ecstatic to see that there was an instant connection! From that moment, the family was whole.

The ducks spent a few weeks bonding and playing in the water pond before being transported to a nearby lake for release. They were all released together, as one big happy family for a new start at life.

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One thought on “Orphaned ducks gain a new mom”

    Deb says:

    I brought the 7 ducklings to you. A friend found this piece and sent it my way. It made our month!!!! Where was the parking garage? I found the cluster of ducklings in front of my house near Pima Community College West.
    Thank you for all you do.

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