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Our first baby bobcats of the season have arrived!

Our first baby bobcats of the season have arrived!

We recently rescued two 5-day-old kittens after they were orphaned. They are in good hands at Tucson Wildlife Center and are fed throughout the day, every two to three hours. As the kittens get older, the time between feedings will increase. Eventually they will be switched to solid foods. Once they are eating on their own, the kittens will be placed with one of our foster bobcat moms who will raise them until they are old enough to be released to the wild, where they belong.

While some organizations and businesses have been forced to close, Tucson Wildlife Center has continued to answer the needs of all sick, injured and orphaned wildlife during this pandemic. Our emergency phone line will continue to be answered 24/7 every day. Our hospital will remain staffed with veterinarians, animal care specialists and other essential personnel to ensure there is no interruption in care.

Support Tucson Wildlife Center for #AZGivesDay

With a 36 percent increase in animals rescued from last year, we expect to rescue well over 4,000 wild animals this year. Help us continue caring for Southern Arizona’s wildlife by scheduling your donation at

Volunteers and Supplies Needed at Tucson Wildlife Center

We are doing our utmost to provide a clean and safe environment at Tucson Wildlife Center. The little animals still need as much help as ever, and now we need your help to carry on. If you, or anyone you know, is willing to volunteer at this time, click here.

Supplies we need desperately:

  • hand sanitizer
  • sanitizing wipes‎ and spray
  • N95 masks from the hardware stores
  • gloves
  • Kleenex tissues
  • toilet paper

Please drop-off critical supplies at either:

Tucson Wildlife Center (13275 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ, 85748)


Madaras Gallery(3035 N. Swan Rd.)

Curbside hours (Monday-Thursday 10-4pm). Please drop items in the outside bin and call us when you arrive: 520-615-3001

If it is an online order, supplies can be shipped to Tucson Wildlife Center.

Thanks for your kind consideration and generous hearts.

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