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Renested and it feels so good!

These adorable nestling great horned owls fell out of their nest at a country club and were found by a caring groundskeeper who brought them to TWC.


They were dehydrated and bruised from their fall. After a couple of days in rehabilitation, it was time to take them back to their nest to be raised by their parents. When volunteers went to put the owls back in the nest, they saw that they could not reach it. So, they made a new nest using a plastic crate. They filled it with twigs and grasses and attached it onto a lower branch. The following day, TWC volunteers visited the nest to see if the parents had returned to care for their young ones. They were happy to find the parents feeding their young.

All raptors and birds spend time on the ground learning to fly. It’s an important part of their development. However, animals can become injured after falling from their nests. If you are concerned for the safety or health of a bird, call TWC at 520-290-WILD (9453).










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