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Millions for Tucson Raffle 2022

Once again, Tucson Wildlife Center is participating in The Jim Click Millions For Tucson Raffle. This is the 13th Click Raffle since 2003, and just one of the many ways Mr. Click has given back to the Tucson Community. When you purchase a raffle ticket(s) from Tucson Wildlife Center, 100% of the proceeds go to…

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Patient of the Week: Cooper’s Hawk Fledglings

As summer heats up in Tucson, the rising temperatures are causing trouble for a lot of the wildlife, especially the babies. Phones at the Tucson Wildlife Center have been ringing off the hook with people concerned about animals in the heat. A lot of those calls have been about Cooper’s Hawk fledglings. Cooper’s Hawks typically…

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Patient of the Week: Coyote Pups

A property owner in Tubac found this injured female coyote pup off a side road by the highway and called Tucson Wildlife Center late after hours. Our rescuer Justin drove all the way to Tubac in the night. He captured the small coyote and brought her back to TWC. Our medical folks worked on the…

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Thank You … Hughes Federal Credit Union and Diana Madaras!

Hughes Federal Credit Union recently donated a check for $8,590 to the Tucson Wildlife Center through $5 donations for each new Diana Madaras “Little Prowler” debit card issued to members in 2021. “The center’s volunteers accomplish remarkable results on behalf of native wildlife,” said Hughes President and General Manager Robert J. Swick. “Hughes, Diana Madaras, and…

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Patient of the Week: Ladder-backed Woodpecker – Nestling

This baby Ladder-backed Woodpecker was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center three weeks ago as an underweight orphan whose nest or mother could not be located. Covered in down with a few feathers, and not yet able to fly, he was unable to survive outside the safety of his nest. While not physically injured, the nestling…

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Patient of the Week: Nestling Great Horned Owl

This nestling great horned owl was rescued by firefighters from the Sierra Vista Fire Department on the evening of May 10th during the San Rafael Fire. Firefighters were investigating an area of burning oaks when they spotted a small head poking out from a tree. The owlet launched himself from the tree as if to…

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Patient Timeline: Baby Barn Owls

Tucson Wildlife Center – Patient Timeline Tucson Wildlife Center received these baby barn owls on March 30th after they were found between bales of hay in a truck that was making a delivery to Tucson. They received treatment and nourishment, and by mid-April, they were placed with our resident Barn Owls, Nono and Val, who…

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Patient of the Week: Gopher Snake

This Gopher Snake has been quite the survivor before coming to Tucson Wildlife Center. He was discovered in a backyard with a kink in his body and brought into TWC where he was evaluated and found to have soft tissue damage and a broken rib. Thankfully, after two weeks in rehabilitation, he has shown improvement…

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Patient of the Week: Desert Cottontails

In the spirit of Easter coming up this Sunday, our patients of the week are these Desert Cottontails. This species is the most common species of rabbit found in the Sonoran Desert. Other closely related species include Black-tailed Jackrabbits and Antelope Jackrabbits. Jackrabbits are often confused with cottontails especially at young ages as the differences…

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Patient of the Week: Bubba and Otto

All of us at Tucson Wildlife Center want to thank everyone for participating in Arizona Gives. It means a lot to us and we wouldn’t be here without you. This week, Tucson Wildlife Center would like to celebrate our two amazing sanctuary Great-Horned Owls, Bubba and Otto. Both owls had injuries that were rehabilitated but,…

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AZ Gives Day is here!!!

Arizona Gives Day is here, the 24 hours are from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday. Please remember Tucson Wildlife Center! We are the ONLY wildlife hospital in Southern Arizona, there is no one else to help these animals.  All of what we do is through donations and grants, we receive NO government funding. So, for…

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For help and emergencies, please call our 24/7 helpline at (520) 290-9453.

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