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Patient of the Week: 06/21/24

Bullock’s Oriole Fledgling

It is heartwarming to see this oriole fledgling feeling well enough to sing along with other young avian patients at Tucson Wildlife Center. After being rescued from the jaws of a dog, he was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center for evaluation. A radiograph confirmed both a fractured radius and ulna in the bird’s left wing. These bones run parallel to each other, much like in the human arm, and play crucial roles in the movement and support of the wing during flight.

TWC would like to remind everyone of the importance of keeping your pets indoors or supervised when they are outside, especially during nesting season. Nestlings … young birds that are still totally dependent upon their parents … become extremely vulnerable to pet attacks if they accidentally fall out of their nest, or their nest is disturbed. Fledglings, like our little oriole, are in the early stages of developing their flight skills. They may be able to flutter short distances but are not yet strong or agile fliers, making it difficult for them to escape quickly from threats.

Fun Fact: Bullock’s orioles build intricate, hanging basket-like nests woven from fibers such as plant material, grasses and sometimes even human-made materials like string or yarn. Suspended from the tips of branches or other structures, they provide a safe and stable environment for raising their young. These nests can sometimes be mistaken for beehives, especially from a distance or if partially obscured by leaves or other vegetation.

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