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Patient of the Week: 05/03/24

Pallid Bat

Found on the ground, unable to fly, this beautiful pallid bat was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center for care. An exam by our wildlife care team revealed bruising on his right wing. We have no way of knowing for sure how he was injured, but it is possible that he collided with an obstacle such as a branch or a rock while swooping down to catch his prey.

Pallid bats are unique among bat species in that they often capture their prey on the ground rather than in mid-air. Unlike many other bats that snatch insects while in flight, pallid bats are skilled at detecting prey on the ground using their keen sense of hearing. Their large ears are very sensitive to subtle sounds like their prey’s footsteps, allowing them to swoop down to the ground, snatching up unsuspecting scorpions and ground-dwelling insects like beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers. This ground-hunting behavior sets them apart from most other bats and showcases their remarkable adaptability to different hunting strategies. (

Once the bruising heals on his wing, our little patient will be released back into the wild during the evening hours. This timing aligns with the bat’s natural nocturnal behavior, giving him the best chance to reacclimate to his surroundings and resume normal activities under the cover of darkness.

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