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Patient of the Week / National Volunteer Week 2024!: 04/26/24

April 21-27, 2024

At Tucson Wildlife Center, we are truly wild about our volunteers! From the early morning feedings to the evening wellness checks, their dedication and passion for wildlife shine through every action. Whether our volunteers are helping with animal care, interfacing with the public, or assisting with a rescue or release, their tireless efforts make a real difference in the well-being of our local wildlife.

We thank each of them for their unwavering commitment to TWC’s mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing injured and orphaned wildlife. Their hard work and compassion inspire us all, and we are incredibly grateful for everything they do!

Do you love local wildlife and want to make a difference in their lives by volunteering? If yes, we invite you to become part of our team of dedicated wildlife caregivers. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities exist. If interested, please submit your application at our website,

If you would like to help Tucson Wildlife Center in its mission to keep Tucson wild, please click on the Donate button below.

Another way you can contribute is to visit our “wish list” on Amazon by clicking on the Amazon Wish List button below. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care!

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