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Patient of the Week: 07/05/24

Pizza box owl gets released!

A heartwarming moment unfolded recently as a great horned owl, that first arrived at Tucson Wildlife Center as a fledgling in a pizza box, was successfully released back into the wild. The young owl had been discovered in a community swimming pool and brought to TWC for a near-drowning incident and possible head injury.

After spending several weeks under the care of TWC’s wildlife care team, the young owl’s feathers have matured into fully developed feathers. Practice flights in the controlled environment of the Center’s large flight aviary confirmed the owl could fly silently—a crucial skill for hunting and survival.

Upon release, TWC’s release team gently coaxed the owl out of a crate, where it paused momentarily to take in its surroundings, then took off into the air with strong, confident wingbeats. After a short flight, the owl landed on the ground, giving one last look at its rescuers before flying to safety in a nearby tree to scout out its original territory.

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