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Patient of the Week: 06/28/24

Newborn Raccoon

TWC would like to remind everyone of the importance of keeping your pets indoors or supervised when they are outside, especially during this time of year. It is very difficult for young mammals and birds to escape quickly from threats and harm inflicted by domestic pets.

Recently, a mother raccoon was trapped and removed from a homeowner’s attic and property. Unfortunately, two newborn kits were later discovered in the attic, having been inadvertently left behind. The finders promptly brought the babies to Tucson Wildlife Center but, tragically, one of the siblings died while the other will be raised by foster parents.

TWC would like to remind everyone that it is critical to check for young animals before relocating adult wildlife. Removing a mother from her young is extremely stressful for her and she may spend considerable time and energy searching for her babies. This stress can significantly impact her health and well-being, especially during our extreme temperatures. Additionally, newborn wildlife have significantly higher chances of survival when they are with their mothers.

Fun Fact: Raccoon kits, like our little patient, are born blind with their eyes closed. Their eyes typically remain closed for the first three weeks of their lives. During this time, they are entirely dependent on their mother for warmth, nutrition, and protection. If you would like to help patients like this newborn raccoon, click below to donate.

Another way you can contribute is to visit our “wish list” on Amazon by clicking on the Amazon Wish List button below. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care!

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