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Patient of the Week: 05/17/24

Raven Nestling

Recently, this raven nestling had an unfortunate fall from its nest. Thankfully, concerned residents called Tucson Wildlife Center for advice and a member of our wildlife care team brought him in for evaluation. Upon arrival at TWC, the nestling was carefully examined for any injuries. Unfortunately, a radiograph confirmed a fractured humerus of the left wing, preventing us from renesting him. TWC’s staff veterinarian successfully inserted a pin during surgery. The next steps involve ensuring the raven receives proper care and nourishment to repair his wing and to grow strong and healthy.

One of the unique challenges in rehabilitating young birds like this raven is preventing them from imprinting on humans. To address this, our wildlife care team feed the nestling with a raven puppet while wearing a ghillie suit (camouflage clothing designed to resemble foliage). This approach helps ensure the baby bird associates feeding and care with its own species rather than humans.

The diet for a raven nestling is specific and varied to meet its nutritional needs. TWC’s wildlife care team provide a diet of meat and fruits, closely mimicking what raven parents would naturally feed their young. Small pieces of meat offer essential proteins, while fruits supply vital vitamins and hydration. This balanced diet is crucial for the nestling’s development and overall health.

This nestling raven’s  journey is ongoing, but with the dedicated efforts of our wildlife care team, he stands an excellent chance of thriving. Once he is old enough and strong enough to fend for himself, our goal is to release him back into the wild, to reintegrate with his family unit.

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