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Patient of the Week: 04/19/24

Happy Earth Day 2024!

Monday, April 22nd,  will mark the 54th anniversary of Earth Day, celebrating the preservation of the earth’s natural resources and wild beauty for future generations. This year’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastic,” reminds us of the urgent need to combat plastic pollution for the well-being of our wildlife. Animals can mistake plastic for food or become entangled in plastic debris, causing injuries or even death.

Each year, numerous wild animals are brought to TWC in need of medical care and rehabilitation, after facing life-threatening situations due to plastic waste. This feisty raccoon was found struggling with a plastic ring tightly wound around his leg, cutting off circulation and causing immense pain as he grew. And this resilient kingsnake became severely dehydrated after being tangled in plastic landscape netting.

Both animals were lucky and, after recovering, were released back into the wild. But their stories serve as a reminder that as stewards of our planet, it is our responsibility to care for the wild creatures with whom we share it. This Earth Day let’s renew our commitment to protecting our wildlife and environment. By making conscious choices, to reduce, reuse and recycle, we can lessen the harmful impact of plastic pollution. For more information on the impact these things have on our wildlife and ways you can help, visit our website at

If you would like to celebrate Earth Day by helping patients like this raccoon and kingsnake, please click on the Donate button below.

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