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Patient of the Week: Western Screech Owl

As the temperatures start to drop this winter, people across Tucson are breaking out the firewood and turning up the heat. With this being the case, we offer a friendly reminder to always check in your chimney before starting it up. Animals will sometimes fall into or take refuge within the confines of chimneys and this is exactly what happened with this adult Western Screech Owl. This cute patient was found in amidst the embers as one Tucson family was lighting up a fire. Thankfully, he was noticed quickly by the citizen and rushed to Tucson Wildlife Center to get some help. Upon arrival, he was checked out and diagnosed with feather damage and a corneal ulcer to the left eye. In rehab, he has been watched closely and, within no time, the eye had cleared up magnificently. Currently, he is still in the process of overcoming his feather damage but he is vocal and alert which is always a great sign. We are excited for him to continue improving and eventually release him back to his home territory!

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