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Patient of the Week: Desert Cottontail

With 2021 over, it’s only right to highlight one of Tucson Wildlife Center’s favorite and frequent species as this Desert Cottontail is looking amazing! Admitted to the hospital after being found in a parking lot, this patient was riddled with soft tissue wounds due to a suspected predator attack. Our staff flushed and cleaned all the presented wounds and within a few days, this rabbit has become more alert than ever and quite the escape artist. Desert Cottontails are one of the most regularly seen animals at TWC clocking in at 401 intakes this year. This puts them in third for most intakes in 2021 closely behind Gambel’s Quail at 495 and Mourning Doves at 595. As this patient’s wounds are healing nicely, we are excited for her continued rehabilitation along with every animal we see in the new year!

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