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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Karen, Wildlife Care Specialist

Upon retiring from her job as a medical doctor with Indian Health Service in 2017, Karen began looking for volunteer opportunities to fill some of her free time. Previously, she had served as a foster parent to newborn puppies for the Pima Animal Control Center (PACC) and considered starting again but thought it would be more fun to do something outside her house with other people. “Tucson Wildlife Center turned out to be the perfect fit for me. I love working hands-on with the baby birds and small mammals while being part of a great team of wildlife care volunteers.”

After caring for baby birds in TWC’s Orphanage for the past five years, Karen says she now has a lot of empathy for bird parents. “It can be exhausting feeding newborn chicks every half hour, and I do not even have to go out in the wild and gather the food! But there is no better feeling than knowing you played a part in helping a tiny, helpless baby bird grow into a healthy adult that can be released back to the wild.”

As a largely volunteer-run wildlife rescue center, Tucson Wildlife Center is proud to recognize Karen as an invaluable member of our dedicated wildlife care team, and we thank her for her continued service!

Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife requires a collaborative network of rehabilitators, volunteers, and caring citizens. If you would like to aid TWC’s efforts, please consider volunteering by contacting or making a donation by clicking this link

And, just a quick reminder … for all who shop online at Amazon, please shop through AmazonSmile and register Tucson Wildlife Center as your designated Charity. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care!

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