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Patient of the Week: Behind the Scenes – Baby Bird and Small Animal Wing, “The Orphanage”

Tucson Wildlife Center is dedicated to the rescue, emergency medical care, rehabilitation, and release of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. During “baby season” from March until September, TWC’s Baby Bird and Small Mammal Wing, the Orphanage, typically cares for over 2,000 orphaned birds and small mammals.

Orphaned bunnies whose mothers have been killed and baby birds who have fallen from nests and cannot be reunited with their parents are just two of the many situations that bring these wild animals to our hospital and orphanage. Under the care of our dedicated staff and volunteers, each animal is given exactly what they need to eventually be released back into the wild.

We hope you enjoy this video tour of TWC’s Baby Bird and Small Mammal Wing while meeting a few of the tiny patients we have helped this season.

If you would like to help patients like this, click this link to donate. Thank you!

And, just a quick reminder … for all who shop online at Amazon, please shop through AmazonSmile and register Tucson Wildlife Center as your designated Charity. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care

Please play the YouTube video below.

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