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Patient of the Week – Update: Juvenile Barn Owls

These Barn Owls came into Tucson Wildlife Center’s care at different times and under different circumstances, but soon these nine juvenile owls will all take flight. (Barn Owls can have a clutch of up to 18 eggs!) Four siblings were found between bales of hay in a truck that was making a delivery to Tucson; two were amongst the debris of a tree that had been chopped down; two were discovered in the ductwork of a house being built, and one came to TWC suffering from an eye injury after falling from his nest.

After a few weeks in our hospital ward, they had grown and were eating on their own and were moved in small groups to an outdoor enclosure with TWC’s resident barn owls, Nono and Valentine, who serve as foster parents for orphaned baby barn owls. Under their care, the young owls explored their natural behaviors and learned skills they will need to survive in the wild. Growing up with owls as foster parents ensured they maintained their wild nature.

Recently, all nine owls were moved to a large enclosure where they are learning more skills. They will soon be released back to the wild.

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Pictures and the video below!

When they came to Tucson Wildlife Center
With their foster parents Nono and Val
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