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PSA: 06-30-23


The Fourth of July has many traditions including parades, barbeques, and firework displays. Before planning to celebrate with fireworks, Tucson Wildlife Center would like to remind you of the impact of fireworks on wildlife and ask you to celebrate in a way that does no harm.

  1. Fireworks and firecrackers can leave wildlife suffering from serious injury, stress, and fear. Animals have more sensitive senses, especially hearing. Loud booms can frighten birds, causing them to fly into hard objects such as buildings and cars.
  2. Wildlife parents may panic and inadvertently abandon their young while fleeing, leaving the babies alone and vulnerable to predators. The fleeing parents may fly or run across a road in front of a car, putting them and the driver in danger.
  3. If ingested, firework debris can be a choking hazard or leave wildlife suffering from poisoning.
  4. Fireworks often lead to forest and grass wildfires, putting wildlife in direct harm and destroying their habitats.

Reducing the number of fireworks used to celebrate can limit adverse risks to wildlife. Instead of purchasing fireworks for a backyard show, consider attending a public show near you. These shows concentrate fireworks in one location, rather than several locations in neighborhoods. Alternatives to fireworks are light and laser shows, glow stick parties, and streaming virtual fireworks shows.

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