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Patient of the Week: 07/07/23

Canyon Bats

Tucson Wildlife Center may not have a belfry, but this week we do have a trio of bats in our care … a mother canyon bat and her twin pups. They were brought to TWC after the mom was found on the ground, unable to fly, with pups attached. The canyon bat, also known as the western pipistrelle, is the smallest bat in the United States, with a wingspan of 7-9 inches and a body length of 2-3 inches.

Newborn bats, called pups, are born hairless, blind and dependent upon their mother to survive. The pups cling to mom for a few days and take around a month to grow strong enough for flight. Our tiny twins are lucky to have mom with them to nurse, but orphaned bat pups admitted to TWC are fed a special milk-based formula by sucking on a soaked sponge (see photo of big brown bat pup).

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