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Education Corner: 11/15/23

Keeping the Wildlife Wild!

When Tucson Wildlife Center admits a neonate orphaned wild animal, they put them on an automatic bottle feeder, wearing camouflage, don’t speak around the babies, and get them with a real surrogate of their species asap.  Rehabilitators without foster surrogates often use mirrors for a single baby.

The goal is to keep them wild, so that they don’t become attached (habituated) to people as caretakers for comfort and food.  If these techniques are not used when they are babies, it can lead to nuisance animal problems when the baby grows up, approaching or trying to hang around people.  The bobcat baby shown in the video is drinking his milk formula from the automatic bottle feeder.

Tucson Wildlife Center often admits baby animals that have been initially raised by the rescuer who found the baby.  Don’t let habituation happen!  Call Tucson Wildlife Center at 520-290-9453 for instructions on how to reunite the baby with its mother or to immediately get the baby into the Center for proper care to keep the wildlife wild.

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