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Patient of the Week, Education Corner: 11/10/23

Wildlife Enrichment Activities

Caring for the wild animals at Tucson Wildlife Center involves more than just medical care, feeding, and cleaning. Regular physical and mental stimulation (enrichment) is a vital part of their care, rehabilitation and, in most cases, eventual release. To this end, our wildlife care specialists offer our patients and residents activities they would be drawn to in the wild to stimulate exploration of their surroundings.

Wild bobcats exhibit certain natural behaviors to help them survive. Our wildlife care specialists try to target a number of these, including grooming, sunning, water play, climbing, and denning. Enrichment can include anything from chasing a ball to sniffing new scents sprayed on mats or providing a shallow pool of water. Strong, wooden platforms, logs, and tree trunks provide sunning and climbing opportunities, and our resident bobcats (Wilma, Ruby, and Bisbee) love creating temporary dens from large boxes placed in their enclosures.

Gambel’s quail (Jasper and Joshua) who have resided at TWC for many years, are kept playful , healthy, and happy in their enclosures with a few simple features and activities. Being predominantly ground dwelling birds, our quail have plenty of open space to run around in but are also provided with dried branches to nestle among and climb. Hanging shredded paper toys encourage Jasper and Joshua’s natural foraging behaviors and keep them mentally stimulated. They also enjoy socializing from time to time with their reflection in a small, anti-shatter mirror.

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Wild Bobcat enrichment
Gambel’s Quail enrichment
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