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Patient of the Week: 07/14/23

Skunk Kits

Tucson Wildlife Center’s animal care team are seeing stripes and spots this week as they are caring for five cute little stinkers … four striped skunk kits and one spotted skunk kit. All five were brought to TWC as orphans and will be released back into the wild once capable of surviving on their own.

There are four species of skunks in Arizona, living in a variety of habitats from wooded areas to suburbs. The spotted skunk has a unique appearance but even the striped skunk, that most of us are familiar with, does not always fit the image we have fixed in our mind. One of our tiny striped skunk patients is not striped at all … he was born almost solid black. This is a normal variation and not a sign of a medical problem.

Skunks may have a bad reputation for their smelly spray, but they are also natural pest controllers. They tend to prey on rodents and insects and, when left alone, skunks are rarely seen in a neighborhood—happily living under the radar—foraging and hunting for food once the sun goes down.

Baby skunks found without their mother aren’t necessarily orphaned. Skunks are typically attentive parents who don’t leave their babies unattended for very long. If the kits are in a safe area, and appear uninjured, leave them alone through the night. In the morning, if they are still there and you still see no sign of mom, call TWC for advice on what to do next. If you would like to help patients like these skunk kits

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Turn on the volume to hear this cutie!

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