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Release Radar: Orphaned Rock Squirrels

These five sibling Rock Squirrels got off to a rocky start in life when they were orphaned right after they were born. Luckily, a construction crew discovered them covered in fiberglass, but still alive, under a pool they were constructing and brought them to Tucson Wildlife Center.

When they arrived, the squirrel kits still had their eyes closed and TWC’s animal care team had to syringe feed them a special formula several times a day. Once they had graduated to eating seeds, nuts, fruits, and veggies … and had gained size and weight … they were moved to an outdoor enclosure to acclimate them to the summer heat while they continued growing up.

We are happy to report that after several months of care in TWC’s Orphanage, the siblings were recently released together in a safe, resource-rich, rocky desert habitat away from houses!

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