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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Janet, Wildlife Care Shift Leader

When Janet first discovered Tucson Wildlife Center, she had no idea such a place existed. She had previously been a docent at zoos in Syracuse and Detroit and thought she would volunteer at Reid Park Zoo. But when their training schedule was not convenient for her, she began searching for other opportunities to work with animals and came across an online notice from TWC advertising their need for volunteers. That was seven years ago, and Janet still loves the work she does and feels like she made the right choice.

As a shift leader in TWC’s Orphanage, Janet works with a team of volunteers caring for baby birds and small mammals. From tiny field mice to larger birds, Janet and her team feed the animals, perform health checks, create enrichment activities, and track their progress through each stage of their recovery. “Personally, it is very fulfilling to know I am making a difference in the well-being of wildlife affected by the impact of humanity on their habitats. I still get very excited each time we release an animal back to the wild.”

One of Janet’s favorite patients was an orphaned Acorn Woodpecker. “While we see many Gila and Ladder-backed Woodpeckers in the Orphanage, the Acorn Woodpecker was more unusual. I loved discovering his similarities and differences and was happy to be able to release him myself.” Janet even honored this special bird by creating a beautiful piece of mosaic tile art with his likeness (second photo).

As a largely volunteer-run wildlife rescue center, Tucson Wildlife Center is proud to recognize Janet as an invaluable member of our dedicated wildlife care team, and we thank her for her continued service!

Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife requires a collaborative network of rehabilitators, volunteers, and caring citizens. If you would like to aid TWC’s efforts, please consider volunteering by contacting or making a donation by clicking this link

And, just a quick reminder … for all who shop online at Amazon, please shop through AmazonSmile and register Tucson Wildlife Center as your designated Charity. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care!

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