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Patient of the Week: Desert Cottontail

This Desert Cottontail … likely fleeing from a predator or searching for a drink … found himself stuck in a swimming pool. Luckily, he was discovered by the homeowner but, unfortunately, he had suffered pool chemical burns on his feet and legs, so he was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center. After treatment, his fur is beginning to grow, and he is now in an outdoor enclosure with other bunny friends awaiting release.

Swimming pools can pose a threat to many different animals. There can be a considerable distance from the surface of the water to the top of the pool, making it difficult for an animal to climb up the slippery walls to safety. TWC suggests checking your pool multiple times a day for wildlife and having something on hand for rescue.

For small animals, a net or broom can be an easy way to help the animal in need. Placing an inflatable floating platform, such as a FrogLog (, in the pool will help most small animals climb out of the pool on their own. For larger animals, you might want to keep a long, wide plank of wood or a pool chair by the pool area which can be used as a ramp for the animal to climb out. Once out of the pool, if the animal seems to be in distress, call TWC at 520-290-9453 for advice.

If you would like to help patients like this, click this link to donate. Thank you!

And, just a reminder … for all who shop online at Amazon, please shop through AmazonSmile and register Tucson Wildlife Center as your designated Charity. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in our care!

A video is below the two pictures!

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