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Patient of the Week: 04/14/23

Harris’s Antelope Squirrel

Spring is here and baby season at Tucson Wildlife Center has begun! Each spring many species of wildlife in Tucson give birth to their young, and volunteers in TWC’s Baby Bird and Small Mammal Wing are already busy caring for orphans like this Harris’s Antelope Squirrel kit.

Harris’s antelope squirrels are often mistaken for chipmunks, as they both have a white stripe along their side from the shoulder to the hip. However, unlike chipmunks, this squirrel’s stripe does not extend onto its head. Watch the video to the end (sound on) to hear this baby practicing a high-pitched chirp or trill that she will use to communicate in the wild.

TWC would like to remind everyone that should you happen upon a baby wild animal you believe needs to be rescued, it is important to first take a step back and assess the situation before you act. Many times, it is best to leave the baby alone, as its best chance of survival is with its mother. Wildlife parents are very devoted to their young and will not intentionally abandon them. If you have found a baby and do not see the mother, call TWC for advice on next steps.

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Pictures below the video!

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