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Patient of the Week: 01/27/23

Great Horned Owl

This female Great Horned Owl was found on the ground, unable to stand, in Graham County. The owl’s rescuer captured the bird and brought her to Tucson Wildlife Center. Upon admission, TWC’s wildlife care team examined and x-rayed the owl and found her to have a drooping wing and a swollen humerus. After a few days of cage rest and observation, the owl was moved to a large outdoor enclosure to recuperate.

Fun facts … Great Horned Owls have thick legs and heavy talons. Like our thumbs, the outside talon is opposable, which allows the owl to switch between a perching posture, with three toes in front and one in the rear, and a hunting and grasping posture, with two toes in front and two in the rear. The bottom of the owl’s foot is sensitive in the way the palms of our hands are, so they can feel their prey’s spine with its talons as it strikes.

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