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Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid is much more than a reality show on television. It is a reality for one juvenile, male coyote suffering from mange and rescued by Animal Experts. They knew just where to bring him, Tucson Wildlife Center.

Mange is a skin disease caused by an infestation of microscopic parasitic mites. All mammals, birds, and reptiles are susceptible to mange, especially the young whose immune systems have not fully developed. Medical staff treated him with anti-parasitic drugs initially, then flea and tick medicine. The little guy is now free of the mites that cause mange. Currently in his recovery his skin is much healthier, and fur is growing back well.

He retains his wild nature, avoiding his care givers as much as possible by going into his outdoor pen or retreating into his crate/den. Good signs that he will be very adaptable in his home environment when his fur has all grown back and he is ready to be free and wild again.

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