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Car Trouble

It is estimated that between 50 to 340 million birds are killed annually by vehicles in the US.  

Perched on fences and telephone poles lining the nation’s roads, opportunistic birds hunt and scavenge for food to feed mates, nestlings, and themselves. 

As spring approaches, birds and mammals are nest building and mating. Fledgling birds that must gain the wing strength needed to fly high over roads, are at risk. 

Owls fly low and at night, the same height as many vehicles, looking for prey which increases their vulnerability.  Hawks and Falcons maximize their strength reserves by feeding off easy to access roadkill.  Kestrels and small birds hover near roadsides looking for flying insects. These scenarios put birds at risk of being killed or injured.

Currently Tucson Wildlife Center (TWC) is caring for a javelina and a variety of raptors hit by cars.  These are the lucky ones, survivors in a game of odds with the odds stacked against them.

You can help by observing the speed limit, and watching for animals along the sides of roads, in the medians, and in roads. Call TWC at 520-290-WILD (9453) if you find an injured wild animal.

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