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Leave the Screeching to my Eastern Cousin!

Did you know that the western screech owl’s call is a melodic short series of hoots that accelerate at the end? It’s the eastern screech owls call that earned these owls their name.

Found in a variety of wooded areas as well as urban areas and parks these small grey owls take up residence in nest boxes, tree snags and cavities. When undisturbed they appear short and round, but when frightened they assume a defensive posture stretching and lengthen their bodies upright mimicking a tree branch. The perfect camouflage allowing them to hide in plain sight.

Upright ear tufts give them the appearance of miniature great horned owls.

Tucson Wildlife Center is presently caring for three screech owls brought to the Center by caring citizens. Since 2017 one of the owls has been a regular visitor to the property of the couple who brought her in. Prognosis is good for this little lady with an eye injury as well as the other two screech owls that were injured by automobiles.

Providing the right medical care, medicine, and diet as well as enrichments like flight enclosures and exercise, play an essential role in their recovery. All of these come at a cost, won’t you help?

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