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Wildlife Tips for Spring

Spring is upon us, with nearly 600 animals rescued since the beginning of the year! Help us reduce the amount of orphaned and injured critters we receive by including some of these wildlife tips in your daily routine.

baby wildlife stay safe by keeping dogs on leashes and cats inside or in an outdoor enclosure to prevent them from finding and injuring bunnies or other mammals in their nests and birds on the ground. If your pet does catch wildlife, call TWC immediately and bring the animal to our wildlife hospital as soon as possible for medical treatment. Not all injuries are visible to the eye!

Check for nests by taking a walk around the yard before mowing the lawn or trimming branches. Better yet, encourage wildlife habitats by letting your plants grow naturally!

Exercise humane alternatives when it comes to protecting your garden and house from unwanted wildlife roommates or intruders, instead of using traps and poisons. For more information, visit the FAQ tab on our website at

A baby’s best chance of survival is to be raised by their parents, so please never try and rehab on your own. Always call TWC at 520-290-WILD (9453) before rescuing baby wildlife.

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