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Patient of the Week: Gopher Snake

This Gopher Snake has been quite the survivor before coming to Tucson Wildlife Center. He was discovered in a backyard with a kink in his body and brought into TWC where he was evaluated and found to have soft tissue damage and a broken rib. Thankfully, after two weeks in rehabilitation, he has shown improvement in his health and overall demeanor. He is eating like a champ and staying defensive, which are always good signs. We hope his progress and healing continues.

Gopher snakes are common, non-venomous, and prey on rodents and even rattlesnakes. Snakes are a core component of our Sonoran Desert ecosystem, and while some people may be afraid of them, they are marvels to observe in their natural environment. Caution is always good to have with snakes, so if you encounter one, give them space and keep an eye out. We hope this Gopher Snake continues to improve and makes a full recovery.

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