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Patient of the Week: Snow Goose

While Tucson hasn’t gotten any snow this winter season, we still get the opportunity to see beautiful migratory animals that are more accustomed to it. In turn, sometimes they get themselves into precarious situations which was the case for this Snow Goose. He was found near a lake in east Tucson caught in fishing line and shrubbery. Our staff was able to quickly run out for a rescue and brought him back to Tucson Wildlife Center. Upon arrival, it was clear that he had a hook that was puncturing the top of his beak but, thankfully, no other injuries. The hook was safely removed and, after 24 hours, he was cleared for release. Specifically, the less common blue morph, blue and white morphs will flock together. In the summertime, they migrate up north as far as Alaska while spending their winters as far south as Mexico. We hope this experience doesn’t ruin his perspective of Tucson and we hope he comes back next year to enjoy our amazing winter weather!

If you want to see this handsome fellow’s release, check out our Facebook page!

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