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Patient of the Week: Grandpa and Wilma

Thanks to all of the donations of pumpkins and other items from the Tucson community, our Tucson Wildlife Center staff were able to serve many of our animals’ special meals in honor of Thanksgiving.

The below pictures are of two of our sanctuary animals. Grandpa, the javelina, and Wilma the bobcat. Both residents are sanctuary animals due to events that brought them to TWC resulting in injuries/behaviors that won’t allow them to be released back out into the wild. As they now live at Tucson Wildlife Center, our staff never misses an opportunity to give them a special meal on these types of occasions. We are thankful for our employees, volunteers, and local communities for helping with the rehabilitation of the sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.

If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, check out the videos that were posted there. In the first video, Grandpa is enjoying his meal of pumpkins, potatoes, corn, and other assorted veggies. In the second video, Wilma is enjoying her carnivore diet alongside a carved-out pumpkin that she will snack on and play with.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Grandpa enjoying his meal of pumpkins, potatoes, corn, and assorted veggies.
Wilma after eating her carnivore diet. She will snack on and play with this carved-out pumpkin.
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