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Patient of the Week: Anna’s Hummingbird

Tucson Wildlife Center is seeing increasing amounts of young wildlife being admitted to the hospital. This time of the year is when the majority of animals such as cottontails, doves, quail, and hummingbirds have their babies. This nestling Anna’s Hummingbird came to TWC as an orphan after there was no sign of any mother for a large amount of time. When young hummingbirds come to TWC, they receive immediate and frequent attention as they get fed every half hour from sunrise to sunset like their mother would do. This type of attention is important for the survival of these birds and, with Tucson Wildlife Center accepting volunteers for our new hummingbird center.

If you’re interested in helping out these little hummingbirds or wanting to volunteer in other capacities, visit our website under the “Ways To Help” section and fill out our volunteer application!

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