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Patient of the Week: Great Blue Heron

As one of the largest birds that Tucson Wildlife Center rehabilitates, Great blue herons are rare to see, and our staff is always excited to help one out. In this instance, the heron was found near the Kino Sports Complex huddled in some tree growth. Our rescuers were quick on the scene for assistance and brought him to TWC immediately. Upon arrival, he was weak showing minimal response in his legs. A few days later, he perked up in a big way as he began walking in his enclosure by himself while still being slightly off balance at times. After a short amount of time at TWC, he has only improved, and we’re excited to the continued progress as he moves through rehabilitation. We are hopeful for a successful release so he can be back in time for the start of FC Tucson’s season at Kino Stadium…or, more realistically, taken to a lake or stream with plenty of fish!

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