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Update: Patient of the Week: Gila Monster

Mentioned in a previous post, this beautiful, native to Arizona, Gila Monster came to Tucson Wildlife Center after she had been caught in a snap trap meant for rodents. Upon arrival, her right front limb was severely swollen but, luckily, not fractured. It has been a long road for recovery for this patient, as she originally had no movement or feeling in her injured leg. Thankfully, during her time in rehabilitation, she slowly regained full use of her leg. A whole 208 days after she was brought to the hospital, we are proud to announce that this resilient Gila Monster was released back into the wild in Northwest Tucson where she was found.

Tucson Wildlife Center admits many suffering animals every year that are caught in snap and glue traps. These traps can cause very painful, slow deaths and often catch unintended targets like small birds, reptiles, skunks, raccoons, and other mammals, including pets.

Never attempt to remove an animal from a trap on your own. For the best chance of the animal’s survival, call Tucson Wildlife Center. Medical treatment is almost always needed once a trap in removed.

For alternatives to snap and glue traps, visit the Tucson Wildlife Center website or click the link below!

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