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Patient of the Week: Mourning Doves

As temperatures start to increase and winter turns to spring, we are getting out and enjoying the weather. This time of year also brings the period of the year where majority of animals have their young. It seems like “baby season” starts earlier every year as these hatchling Mourning Doves came to Tucson Wildlife Center in January! Coming to TWC as cold and underweight orphans, the first photo shows them during their first days at the Center while the second shows what they look like currently as they are eating and growing well. With baby season upon us, it’s important to know what to do if you find a baby bird or other animal on the ground. If the birds are nestlings (picture 1), they need to be renested unless both parents are killed. If the birds are fledglings (picture 2), they need to be left alone unless there are obvious injuries. NEVER start feeding them immediately, watch from a distance to see if there are any parents around, and give a call to TWC at 520-290-WILD (9453) as soon as possible so we can assist. These orphaned doves have come a long way from their initial appearance which is a testament to their will to survive. They will continue to get the help they need from our amazing employees and volunteers until they’re old enough to care for themselves out in the wild.

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