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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Kathy, Wildlife Care Specialist

Kathy considers working at Tucson Wildlife Center literally a dream come true. “Years ago, I had a dream that I was in an attic space and every rafter was filled with owls and hawks.” She began working at TWC as a volunteer in 2017 and became an employee in 2020, now splitting her time between working in TWC’s orphanage with baby birds and small mammals and in our hospital with raptors and larger mammals.

Her love for all animals was shared by her father and grandmother. “Both had a reverence for all living things, gentle helping hands, wonderful knowledge, and a do-no-harm attitude.” Together they watched every animal program on TV, and Kathy grew up witnessing tadpoles turn into frogs and marveling at nests of tiny mice.

As a Wildlife Care Specialist, Kathy prepares specific foods appropriate to each species, administers medication as needed, and handles the wildlife for medical examinations. She also helps with rescues and releases. Her first rescue, and favorite memory of her time at TWC, was a Bobcat kitten who had fallen off a roof where her mom had placed her.

She was tiny, light-colored, and looked just like a domestic kitten. Even the Vet teased me that she belonged at Pima Animal Care Center instead of here when I brought her in. Later that night, I returned to the location where she had been found and successfully reunited the kitten with her mother. I even documented the re-homing with a wildlife camera I had placed in the area. What a great experience!

Tucson Wildlife Center is proud to recognize Kathy as an invaluable member of our dedicated wildlife care team, and we thank her for her continued service!

Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife requires a collaborative network of rehabilitators, volunteers, and caring citizens. If you would like to aid TWC’s efforts, please consider volunteering by contacting or making a donation by clicking this link Thank you!

And just a quick reminder … for all who might happen to shop online at Amazon, please shop through AmazonSmile and register Tucson Wildlife Center as your designated Charity. We appreciate it, as will all the wild animals in Southern Arizona!

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