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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Tim, Wildlife Care Volunteer

Shortly after relocating to Tucson last year, Tim started looking for wildlife volunteer opportunities. Previously he had volunteered at Wildlife Images Rehabilitation Center in Grants Pass, Oregon, and when he discovered Tucson Wildlife Center, he happily joined our team as a Wildlife Care Volunteer. Most of Tim’s time is spent preparing food and feeding the animals. This is no small task considering the many different species of animals under TWC’s care at any one time, each with a specific diet.

But for Tim, “it is great to see an injured animal that has no interest in food, heal and develop an appetite.” With a Veterinary Assistant diploma from Penn Foster College, Tim hopes to continue developing skills allowing him to eventually work more hands-on with the animals.

As a largely volunteer-run wildlife rescue center, Tucson Wildlife Center is proud to recognize Tim as an invaluable member of our dedicated wildlife care team, and we thank him for his continued service!

Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife requires a collaborative network of rehabilitators, volunteers, and caring citizens. If you would like to aid TWC’s efforts, please consider volunteering by contacting or making a donation by clicking this link

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