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BEHIND THE SCENES SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Ann Pearson, Volunteer Veterinarian

Dr. Ann Pearson, a long time Tucson veterinarian, first met Tucson Wildlife Center’s Executive Director, Lisa Bates, when they worked together to rescue and treat a pregnant deer that had fallen into a stock tank. Since that time, she has attended TWC’s annual benefit gala and has brought injured wildlife into the Center. “Over the years, I have been so impressed with Tucson Wildlife Center that I was pleased when Lisa asked me to join their team as a volunteer vet.”

Dr. Ann first started working with wild animals in veterinary school at Purdue University and, throughout the years, she saw wildlife on occasion while working at various small animal clinics. “A couple of my favorite memories are removing a fishhook from a turtle and pinning a fractured leg of a duck.” Since starting to work with TWC, she has enjoyed observing the behavioral traits of the many different species treated in our wildlife hospital. “I have learned that ravens are very intelligent and that it can be misleading when evaluating the attitude of a nocturnal animal during the day, when they are most active at night.”

One of her favorite patients at TWC was a Red-Tailed Hawk with a fractured leg. “We were able to place the limb in a splint and bandage the foot in a position that allowed the bird to have his toes separated while providing support. It was absolutely the best feeling when the leg healed well, and the hawk was released back to the wild. I am proud to be part of a team at Tucson Wildlife Center that works cohesively to bring about the best outcomes for injured wildlife.”

As a largely volunteer-run wildlife rescue center, Tucson Wildlife Center is proud to recognize Dr. Ann as an invaluable member of our dedicated wildlife care team, and we thank her for her continued service!

Caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife requires a collaborative network of rehabilitators, volunteers, and caring citizens. If you would like to aid TWC’s efforts, please consider volunteering by contacting or making a donation by clicking this link

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