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Patient of the Week: 12/23/22

Young Bobcat

This young Bobcat was brought to Tucson Wildlife Center after being hit by a car. He was only a few months old and had suffered a neck injury and head trauma. Since arriving at TWC, his condition has continued to improve, and now he is enjoying daily enrichment activities which provide physical activity and mental exercise … like food placed in a paper bag (sound on for video).

This little one was lucky to have been rescued and treated at TWC and will be released into his natural habitat when he is able to survive on his own. Tucson Wildlife Center would like to remind everyone that wild animals and their babies are often crossing roads in search of food, water, and shelter … placing them in the path of our speeding vehicles. Please give local wildlife a “brake!” Always drive cautiously and slow down.

Fun facts: Bobcat kittens typically weigh less than a pound at birth and nurse for about two months, usually staying with their mothers through their first year. Although young bobcats grow very quickly during their first six months, they are not full-grown until they are around two years of age. Bobcats may live for at least 12 years in the wild!

If you would like to help patients like this, click this link to contribute. Thank you!

Watch the video of the young bobcat after the second picture.

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