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The Sweet Smell of Success!

Whether the little female hooded skunk arrived  in a customer’s vehicle or is living in the area, a sharp-eyed employee at an in-town auto shop spotted her running from one vehicle into the hood of another. When temperatures drop it’s not uncommon for wildlife to curl up under car hoods for warmth. 

The shop’s manager immediately reached out to TWC for help.  Responding quickly, a rescue team  arrived on the scene, carefully capturing the little skunk and pulling her out through a small hole in the wheel well.  The employees watched her rescue with happy relief. 

The little skunk was treated for singed whiskers and placed on a course of antibiotics to heal a cactus spine abscess on her forehead.

Everything is looking great for the little skunk who is eating well, and has been moved to an outdoor pen for exercise, care and shelter while she heals. 

No doubt about it, keen observation turned what could have become a smelly or tragic situation into sweet success with help from Tucson Wildlife Center, and for the little skunk, a chance to get the medical attention she needs!  A win, win, win, for all concerned!

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