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Patient of the Week: 09/22/23

Javelina Rescue, Rehab and Release

For 25 years, Tucson Wildlife Center’s mission has been to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home injured, sick and orphaned wildlife. Services include a 24/7 emergency hotline, capture and transportation of injured and orphaned wild animals, emergency medical care, rehabilitation, and education. On Tuesday, two members of our wildlife care team, Justin and Shawn, were able to return this female javelina back to the wild in a location near where Justin had originally rescued her.

Last week, after receiving a call about an injured javelina, Justin gathered supplies needed for a rescue and set out for the address given by the caller. Adult javelinas, which can weigh 40-60 pounds, have sharp canine teeth and are prone to charging if they feel under attack. To capture and fully examine the animal safely back at the Center, Justin used a tranquilizer dart to sedate her. She had multiple serious wounds, possibly inflicted by roaming dogs or another predator. He transported her back to TWC. After a period of medical treatments and rehabilitation, Justin and Shawn successfully returned the javelina back to her home territory.

Where possible, TWC always releases wild animals back to where they were found as quickly as possible, as they usually hold territory in the area or are part of a family group. This is especially important for javelinas as they are social animals that tend to live in herds known as squadrons. Collectively, they know the best spots to forage for food and places to shelter from weather or hide from predators. In the release video, you see the javelina exit the crate and immediately start using her keen sense of smell to search for her herd.

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Click on the play button to watch Justin and Shawn release the javelina
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